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AASM A-STEP Introductory Course

The A-STEP Introductory Course gives students the foundational understanding and practical skills that are essential for a successful career in the profession of sleep technology. The course provides a basic understanding of sleep, sleep disorders and sleep technology.


Sleep trainees and technicians new to the field and those initiating the process of certification.

A-STEP Course Providers

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredits providers of the Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program (A-STEP) Introductory Course. Find a local provider of the AASM A-STEP Introductory Course using the Directory of A-STEP Providers.

How to Claim Credit

Once you have enrolled and completed all 80 hours of instruction for the A-STEP Introductory Course, the A-STEP course director will notify the AASM National Office that you have completed the course. You will receive an email from the AASM containing instructions on how to register for the A-STEP Introductory Course final online exam.

In order to take the A-STEP Introductory Course final exam you must pay a non-refundable $50.00 registration fee by credit card when you access the online exam for the first time. The registration fee will include only one administration of the exam. Students who require additional attempts to pass the exam will have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of up to two more administrations of the exam for $50.00 per attempt. Reimbursement for the exam registration fee is determined by your A-STEP provider.

The exam is three hours long and consists of 106 multiple-choice questions. The A-STEP provider determines whether it is an open-book exam. In order to pass, you must earn a score of 70 percent or higher. If you fail the exam three times, you must repeat the A-STEP Introductory Course.

Once you pass the exam, you will become a sleep technology trainee and can proceed to take the AASM A-STEP Self-Study Modules at a discounted rate.