Key Features

Save time and money meeting the AASM Accreditation requirement for inter-scorer reliability
Get an immediate return on your investment by minimizing the amount of time spent by physicians and management in order to meet the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accreditation Standard for Inter-scorer Reliability. AASM Inter-scorer Reliability streamlines the process by providing gold standard scores and automatically coordinating and comparing records. A board certified sleep physician only needs to monitor and approve scorers' testing results. Every scorer on staff will complete twelve online 200-epoch record scoring exams per year. Exams are released each month and available for a three-month window. 

Free CECs for sleep scorers to maintain RST or RPSGT certification
Your scorers can get their required CECs in one place for FREE. Scorers can claim one free CEC per record exam. That's 12 free CECs per year. All your scorers have to do to claim CECs is watch the record review video associated with a past record exam and successfully pass a quiz on the contents of the record review.
Advanced reporting system allows you to evaluate and compare staff members
Every record exam features a full suite of reports. You can compare scorers' results for current and past exams or you can see how your facility measures up to leading sleep centers from around the country. As an administrator, you'll be able to identify which staff members have frequent disagreements with the Gold Standard Scorers.

Educational resources to enhance the scoring ability of your staff
The AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System promotes reliable scoring through education. After finishing each exam, scorers are encouraged to review their completed record, which will also display the AASM Gold Standard scores. Each month, an AASM Gold Standard scorer will post a video record review, which walks users through a recent exam's trouble spots and reviews the principles of scoring sleep studies.

Speedy scoring with easy-to-use interface 
The testing system is designed to resemble a streamlined version of widely-used professional sleep scoring software. Large epochs are viewable in 30-second and 120-second durations, with adjustable sensitivities and montages. The system speeds up the scoring process using a hotkey and menu based system to minimize the amount of time your staff spends on assessments each month. Each exam should take an hour or less to complete.

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Developed and operated by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the leader in setting standards and promoting excellence in sleep medicine health care, education and research.

ISR Benefits

Enables sleep centers to meet the criteria for the inter-scorer reliability requirement in the AASM Standards for Accreditation.