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Benefits of the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability System

Hour-long webinar looks at the features and benefits of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine's Inter-scorer Reliability assessment system.

AASM Inter-scorer Reliability System Version 4.0 Webinar

An hour-long tour of the updates from the version 4.0 revision of the Inter-scorer Reliability assessment system. This video walks users through all of the upgrades and new features of the system including Hypnogram Functionality, Interactive Record Review and Interface Improvements. This webinar archive was recorded on April 9.

Inter-scorer Reliability: Managing Administrator and User Accounts Tutorial

A review on the Inter-scorer Reliability system focusing on Managing Admin and User Accounts as well as how to manage CECs and run reports.

Inter-scorer Reliability as a Teaching Tool for Sleep Professionals

How AASM Inter-scorer Reliability can be used as a teaching tool for both the CAAHEP Polysomnographic Technology and ACGME Fellowship programs, providing hands-on training, global scoring stats and continued education.

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Upcoming Webinar

Join the AASM on Wednesday, April 22nd, at 2pm CDT for a free webinar answering your Frequently Asked Questions about the Inter-scorer Reliability assessment system. This interactive webinar will answer your most common questions based on user feedback including: new system updates, tips and tricks of scoring, troubleshooting and a managing multiple accounts refresher.